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Visiontac files

Please note that you don't need to read any of this to use Gilbert 21! This is merely more information for those who are curious.

Whenever the Visointac is used to make a record in the field, the device creates a standard WAV file which is a voice recording of what was said. The name of this file is stored in a CSV file which includes the location (WGS 84 latitude and longitude) and the date & time (amongst other things). Whilst it is switched on the device is also regulary recording your position in this CSV file - even when you are not recording tags - which means that you end up with an entire 'track' of where you have been.

On the right you can see an image which shows a list of files which would typically be produced by the Vistiontac device for a single 'trip' where a number of voice tags were made. In fact this listing is for the files provided as a downloadable sample.

The image below shows a section of the CSV file (opened in MS Excel).

Visiontac file format

The Visiontac is creating a tracking point every few seconds (denoted by 'T' in the TAG column), but whenever a voice tag is made (denoted by 'V' in the TAG column) the name of the WAV file (minus the file extension) is stored in the VOX column. The other columns are fairly self-explanatory: DATE is in the format yymmdd; TIME is in the format hhmmss; latitude and longitude are in WGS 84 coordinates.