Records from digital photos

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Gilbert 21 - creating notes from photos

You can create a record based on a digital photo quite simply. Select the Open files item from the Gilbert 21 File menu. Change the Files of type on the standard Windows open file dialog to 'Images (*.bmp; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.tif; *.tiff)'. Navigate to the folder where your photo is stored, select the image file and okay the form.

A 'candidate record' will be created with your image referenced as a media file. If you open the record properties form on the record, you will see that your image displayed on the Media tab.

If your photo was taken with a digital camera which geo-tags images, the grid reference and location name fields will already be populated with suggested values by Gilbert 21 corresponding to the location recorded in the geo-tag when the photo was taken. The date and time fields will also be populated from the information stored by the camera against the image to indicate that date and time when the picture was taken.

Gilbert 21 looks for information about location, date and time for a digital photo in something called an EXIF data structure. Not all images have this information - e.g. images that have been scanned, or edited or those taken with older digital cameras. Gilbert 21 will still make candidate records from these kinds of images, but if there's no geo-tag, it cannot suggest any location information. In the case of date and time, even where EXIF information is unavailable, Gilbert 21 may still suggest date and time based on the Windows file attributes of the image file. This may or may not relate to the actual date and time that the picture was taken - so you should carefully check the date and time values suggested by Gilbert 21.

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